I grew up on the east end of Long Island, a chubby kid with a bad fake ID and Molly Ringwald hair. I spent childhood summers loading bags of fertilizer into trucks, setting up beach umbrellas for one-percenters, and cleaning Keith Hernandez’ pool.

Later, I went to a small Catholic college in the Bronx where I mostly learned I'm not Catholic.

I eventually took my talents to South Beach to attend the University of Miami, where I thought I’d become a lawyer, a psychologist, or maybe Pitbull’s hype-man. Instead, I learned advertising.


When I'm not doing ads, you can find me writing for the Magnet Theater sketch comedy house team, Good Bones, or hate-watching the Knicks and Miami Hurricanes.

When I am doing ads, you can find me at 72andSunny in New York.

You can reach me at ncmarchese@gmail.com.