As a chubby kid with Molly Ringwald-hair and a bad fake ID, I spent my childhood days loading bags of fertilizer into trucks, bussing dishes, selling records, and cleaning pools. When I worked as a cabana boy, I was propositioned by an Upper West Side housewife, which is, like, the Gold Effie of the cabana boy biz.

Later, I went to a small Catholic college in the Bronx where I mostly learned I'm super not Catholic.

I eventually took my talents to South Beach to attend the University of Miami where I learned advertising is a thing some people do.

Now I am one of those some people, working with talented friends, brands, and agencies to make good things, hopefully. When I'm not doing that, I'm probably writing comedy, studying sketch & improv at The Magnet Theater, grieving over the Knicks and Miami Hurricanes, eating oysters, listening to D’Angelo, or all of those things at once.